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At Chambers, Hill & Quinde, L.L.C., we belive that everyone should have a will!  A properly executed will allows you to determine who will receive a part of your estate, who will receive any specific items upon your death and, more importantly, who will not receive part of your estate. Without a will, people are subject to the laws of "intestacy" and have no control over who will receive their property. The way your estate is handled may also have unforeseen tax consequences which will diminish the value of your property.

Other issues could include the distribution of property to minor children. If you plan on leaving property to a child under 18, then your will should include a "minor's trust' to set out who will maintain the child's portion until he or she is old enough to receive it.

Consultations with the attorneys of Chambers, Hill & Quinde are complimentary.  Give us the opportunity to explain to you the many benefits of having a will!

Additionally, there are many times when you NEED to update your will because it is no longer valid.  For example, in Georgia, a divorce renders any previous will invalid.

Lastly, there are many times we believe you SHOULD update your will. These times include the birth or adoption of a new child.

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